Blue: A Memoir

Blue: A Memoir was published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson (@wnbooks) on May 25th 2017.




This courageous and finely written book is a timely invitation to think more deeply about what we ask of our police (Jane Shilling DAILY MAIL)

A stark account of a talented police officer’s breakdown . . . This is a startlingly honest book and the final two chapters are heartbreaking (Richard Morrison THE TIMES)

I read BLUE more or less in one sitting. I thought it was wonderful – very powerful, deeply moving and utterly honest (Henry Marsh, author of DO NO HARM)

Admirably honest and movingly human . . . Sutherland asks us to look behind the faceless blue and see the individual people (SPECTATOR)

A remarkable book: a magnum opus on belief and success, on depression and despair. It is well written and intellectually demanding, profound and deeply moving. In places, it is funny; everywhere, it is thoughtful. It has as much to tell us about mental illness as it does about policing. And there is much love in it: for friends, for family, for life (Alastair Stewart)

An honest look at the vulnerability that comes with bravery (THE i Newspaper)

Brave and very honest (Bear Grylls)

The effect of this honesty is to leave us both more appreciative of police officers and more concerned for their well-being, as well as encouraged that such a compassionate man was promoted so vertiginously. [Sutherland] describes police work as “fulfilling, humbling, inspiring, daunting, shattering, rewarding and soul-stirring” which is also a fair description of his book (TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT)

Courageous and moving (Tom Harper, THE SUNDAY TIMES Home Affairs Correspondent)

John Sutherland lays out the human cost of working as a police officer in simple, devastating terms (HUFFINGTON POST)

‘A fascinating, powerful and beautifully written insight into the life of a police officer’ (Dan Walker, journalist and broadcaster)

‘John’s kindness, warmth and humanity shine through. I found Blue deeply moving.’ (Dr Tim Cantopher, author of The Curse of the Strong)

‘A gripping book… moving and really powerful… I highly recommend it.’ (Jumoke Fashola, BBC Radio London)

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