My name is John Sutherland.

I’m a married father of three and I live with my wife and children in South London.

I joined the Met Police in September 1992 and have served a variety of ranks and roles across London.

I write blogs about life and policing – about the extraordinary people I serve alongside and the challenges they face.

Most recently, I have written a book that tells the stories of my policing life – Blue: A Memoir, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

“Blue is a memoir of crime and calamity, of adventure and achievement, of friendship and failure, of laughter and loss, of the best and the worst of humanity, of serious illness and slow recovery. With searing honesty, it offers an immensely moving and personal insight into what it is to be a police officer in Britain today.”

Find out more details and order a copy of Blue here.

You can also watch my recent TEDx talk here:

Contact: Laura Williams at Peters, Fraser & Dunlop (lwilliams@pfd.co.uk)


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  1. Hi Johnny, I don’t know if you remember, but we spoke at the picnic after your talk at HTC a few months back. I remember you saying you were involved in recruitment for the met, and i just wondered if you were able to talk a bit more about that ?


  2. Hey there JS. What a brilliant piece of thoughtful, insightful and hopeful writing. You made me think about a number of young men and children I’ve already met and those I’ve still to meet. You inspire me to do better.

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  3. Hey there. I’m proud to say I’ve served with you as you were one of my line managers when at FS. Love that your grounded still and have realistic views on what it is like front line which is rare for a senior officer. I can’t thank you enough for your honesty in your blogs and can’t wait for the book.

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  4. You must make Teresa May feel rather inadequate when it comes to Policing as it really is…..don’t forget to send her a signed copy of the book!


  5. Hi John,

    Once again, I thought Blue was a humbling read, thanks to you and yours for what you do.

    I wanted to ask this:

    As a senior officer in the MPS, what can you do to highlight your experience and prevent this burnout from happening to other Police Officers ? My thinking is that you may be in a unique ( unfortunate ! ) position to have had this experience and be close enough to the centre to make a cultural difference across the whole of the MPS. There maybe literally thousands of officers dealing with stress / PTSD / fatigue on a daily basis – but there is the safety net that your service needs to ensure the well being of its staff ?

    I could not do your job, so I went and joined the Royal Air Force instead ! The issues around MH and burnout are present there too ( take a look at at – http://www.fastjetperformance.com/podcasts/when-good-pilots-go-bad ) so it would be interesting to know your approach to the problem..

    Thanks for your time John,


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  6. Mr Sutherland. I have followed you pretty much since you gently arrived on the SM scene because that is what you did. No fanfares, no explosion of publicity but a gentle clearing of the voice and a hello whilst stood at the back of the room. I was drawn to your sincerity and honesty, even more so when I realised you were a senior police officer. I thought to myself that this gentleman was different. Clearly other people also thought so and your following quickly increased with your “Today somewhere a police officer will….”. I have read your book twice now to fully appreciate your experience. It is one many police officers will fully understand when perhaps others not engaged in law enforcement won’t. I look forward to your future work John Sutherland and clearly you still have much to give for which we are all greatful. Dave Thomas

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  7. Hi, I’ve just read your brilliant book. Thank you for writing it and allowing an honest insight into what it’s truly like to be a member of the MPS. Congratulations on all that you’ve done and continue to do.

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