A 25 Year Love Affair

September 21st 1992. The day I took the oath and began an adventure – a love affair – that has continued for the last 25 years. I love policing. When you strip away all the noise and the nonsense, it turns out to be as extraordinary as a job can be. It’s about saving lives... Continue Reading →


Missing the Point

Two particular news reports have caught my eye in the last few days. The first was about vehicle rentals – specifically the call for a robust review of current UK procedures for hiring vans. In response to the horrifying European terrorist attacks of recent months, it was suggested that the authorities ought to make it... Continue Reading →

Time for a Royal Commission?

Let’s deal with the title question straight away. Actually, I don’t think it is time for a Royal Commission on policing in this country. I don’t think it’s time for anything that has the potential to be drawn out, bureaucratic and enormously expensive. But I do think there is an urgent need for a proper,... Continue Reading →

Believe in Blue

In March of this year – in the immediate, horrifying aftermath of the Westminster Bridge terrorist attack – we discovered and expressed a renewed sense of appreciation for our police officers: for who they are and what they do. The following month, we lined the streets in our thousands as the funeral cortege of PC... Continue Reading →

Anger & Hope

Yesterday, I woke up feeling angry.   At the loss of innocent lives.    In tower blocks.    On bridges and in markets.    On the streets of our most troubled neighbourhoods.   At people getting richer - and damn the consequences.   As souls are sold and bucks are made.   And the poor get... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Trauma

I'm not really an expert in anything. I'm just a man with a story to tell... I’ve told some of that story in a book called ‘Blue’ – and the response from people who’ve been kind enough to read it has been extraordinary. I’m very, very grateful. The past few weeks in policing have been astonishingly... Continue Reading →

The Agency of First & Last Resort

“I won’t have the police service as the place where all of society’s ills are laid out and blamed on us.” (Cressida Dick, Met Police Commissioner, April 2017) The painful privilege of policing is to venture into the hurting places – and to encounter the lives being lived there: the damaged and the dangerous, the beaten... Continue Reading →

The Finest Coppers I Know

  Last week, PC Keith Palmer gave his life protecting this city that is my home. He was a husband. He was a dad. He was a police officer. And he was a thousand other things besides. I never had the privilege of knowing him – but I know what he was. ‘Hero’ barely even... Continue Reading →

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