Choices. Or the Lack of Them.

I have already cast my vote.  I will be away from home on Election Day, so I sent it in by post.  And I really struggled with where to where to put my ‘X’. The truth is that I didn’t want to support any of them; that I feel completely betrayed by all of them.... Continue Reading →

Why We Joined

A tweet from the journalist Kay Burley caught my eye this morning. It was about nurses.  More specifically, it was about concerns raised by the Royal College of Nursing that a majority of their members believe that they cannot provide the standard of care they want for their patients. An RCN spokesperson had this to... Continue Reading →

A Litany of Failure

When it comes to policing, the government of the last ten years has been wrong about pretty much everything.  From the moment in 2010 that David Cameron moved into Downing Street and Theresa May took up residence in the Home Office, it was evident that police reform was high on their agendas. In fact, it... Continue Reading →

Officer Down

As the world moves on, it leaves behind a broken-hearted bride, married just four weeks ago. Officer down. Most give what they can; some give all they have. PC Andrew Harper was one of those who gave everything, killed in the line of duty on the night of Thursday 15th August 2019.  I never had... Continue Reading →

The Stop & Search Debate

Another day. Another grim set of headlines about boys being murdered on our streets. And, inevitably, the Stop & Search debate comes back round again. Depressingly, the prevailing tone has become more and more binary - a back-and-forth argument between those who regard Stop & Search as the root of all evil and those who... Continue Reading →

The Missing 20,000

I find myself caught somewhere between incredibly angry and wearily lost for words.  A week or two ago, Sajid Javid - the current Home Secretary - pledged that, if he became prime minister, he would put 20,000 more police officers on the streets. Speaking on the radio a few days ago, Boris Johnson suggested that... Continue Reading →

On Leadership

And so to the queue of people telling us that they want to be the next Prime Minister. Faced by an electorate baffled and bewildered and downright angry about the state of political leadership in this country. Here's my list of ten things I want from the people who want me to follow them - a... Continue Reading →

This Government

Politics is absolutely not my thing.  People are my thing. I love them.  And the fact that I love them means I cannot stay silent about the catastrophic harm being done to this country by this government. Look at the state of policing In September 2018, the National Audit Office (NAO) published a report suggesting... Continue Reading →

Naming Names

Earlier this week, using a set of very carefully chosen words, Theresa May appeared to suggest that there was no connection between falling police numbers and rising violent crime. She was wrong.  Of course the rise in violence is not only about police numbers (there are a hugely complex combination of factors in play), but... Continue Reading →

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