I’m married to Bear. She’s wonderful. At the start of this week, we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary: eighteen years spent in the company of my best friend; eighteen years spent listening and learning and having the rough edges rubbed off me. Back in 2002, in the weeks leading up to our wedding, we signed... Continue Reading →

The Killing of George Floyd

I’m struggling for words - struggling to write anything coherent. The best I seem to be able to manage is this collection of thoughts about the killing of George Floyd… The greatest duty - the greatest privilege - that any police officer could ever have is to save the life of another human being. The... Continue Reading →

A Copper’s Lot

Yesterday Yesterday, the Prime Minister gave a pre-recorded speech in which he attempted to explain the government’s latest strategy for responding to the pandemic. Stay Alert, we were told. But a soundbite does not a strategy make and, mostly, he seems only to have confused people (including senior members of his own government). “Stay at... Continue Reading →

Black & Blue

These days, I find it incredibly difficult to watch video footage of confrontation involving police officers. Too many memories I suppose. Yesterday though, I caught sight of the clip that was circulating on social media - of a black father being tasered by police officers in front of his young son. I could only watch... Continue Reading →

Horror & Hope

On Friday it was 980. Nine hundred & eighty souls. On Saturday, it was 917. Nine hundred & seventeen souls. Those are the numbers of people who have died from coronavirus in just two days. Just in this country. Actually, those are the numbers of people who died in hospital. The totals don’t include those... Continue Reading →

Feeling Afraid

People are feeling afraid.   Afraid of getting sick. Afraid of dying. Afraid of losing loved ones. Afraid of being left alone. Afraid of losing their jobs. Afraid of losing their minds. Afraid of not being able to pay the rent. Afraid of not having enough. Afraid of the unknown.   People are feeling really,... Continue Reading →

Fifty Things

Who doesn’t love a good list? And since today is my 50th birthday, I thought I’d come up with 50 things I’ve learned along the way. From the sublime to the ridiculous. Love is everything Marrying my best friend was one of my better life decisions Being a dad is a privilege  Every contact leaves... Continue Reading →

Crossing the Line

Today was one of those unexpected days. I found myself on stage at the Cambridge Theatre - home of Matilda The Musical - talking to an audience of a thousand people about my new book. There were a number of writers there - including Sarfraz Manzoor, Rachel Clarke, Matthew Syed and Jess Phillips - and... Continue Reading →

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