The Violence Disease

Just over 11 years ago, in March 2007, I stood quietly on Hammersmith Grove in West London. I was dressed in full police uniform. It was a beautiful spring morning and we had just closed the local roads to allow the friends and family of an innocent young boy to come and pay their respects... Continue Reading →


A Message for the new Home Secretary

Dear Home Secretary, I suspect that this is a heck of a time to be taking on what must be a heck of a job. But if one lesson has stood out in recent days, it’s a reminder of that most basic truth: people always matter more than numbers.  Infinitely more. And, as you start... Continue Reading →

Stuff I Got Wrong

Retirement takes a bit of getting used to. But it certainly allows some time and space to think. Precious time. Time that can otherwise be hard to find in a world that is moving far faster than is good for any of us. And so I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about some of... Continue Reading →

A Retirement Speech

This speech comes a little earlier than planned. But life happened – and today is my last as a serving police officer. I wanted to write a handful of parting words to four particular groups of people: the public we serve, the press who observe, the politicians who govern and the police officers & staff... Continue Reading →

Silver Linings

The best laid plans and all that.  Earlier today, I was given a date for Medical Retirement from the Metropolitan Police. My last day as a serving officer will be Wednesday 28th February 2018.  That wasn’t how it was supposed to be.  I joined the Met in September 1992 – a clueless 22 year old... Continue Reading →

Stories & Statistics

I opened my emails this morning to find a message about another colleague breaking under the strain. Now off sick with depression and stress. Stories like that seem much more frequent these days. And it troubles me. Then to the day’s news reports and the publication of the latest set of crime figures. According to... Continue Reading →

Looking After the Thin Blue Line

There seems to be lots of talk in policing at the moment about something called ‘wellbeing’. I’m no expert, but these are my ten thoughts on the subject. (1) It’s People, Stupid The fact that more of us are talking about the physical, emotional and psychological health of police officers and staff is a good... Continue Reading →

Dear Daily Mail

This is a short note to the people who work at the Daily Mail. A couple of personal facts by way of introduction: For more than twenty-five years, I have served as an officer with the Metropolitan Police. And I am incredibly proud of that fact. It has been – and it remains – my... Continue Reading →

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