Knife Crime – A Five Point Plan

My phone has been ringing consistently in the last 24 hours - a succession of calls from journalists wanting to talk about Knife Crime, or to arrange radio and TV interviews to talk about Knife Crime. Prior commitments have meant that I've had to turn almost all of those requests down, but this is what... Continue Reading →

A 10 Point Plan for Policing

I’m sitting on a train bound for Cardiff where, later today, I will have the privilege of spending a bit of time in the company officers and staff from South Wales Police. I’ll be talking to them about the day I fell seriously ill and the reasons why I think it happened. I’ll be telling... Continue Reading →

On Mopeds

A couple of days ago, the Met Police released a brief series of film clips that showed officers targeting moped criminals. In several instances, suspects were seen being deliberately knocked off their bikes by the police vehicles that were pursuing them. Predictably, the footage went viral. In the accompanying press release, the police had this... Continue Reading →

Damage Done

Another week. Another round of depressing headlines about Chief Constables stating that their Forces no longer have the resources they need to do all that is being asked and expected of them. Another round of deeply disturbing headlines about police officers being attacked in the street. The accompanying film footage is too much for me... Continue Reading →

Criminal Neglect

Policing in England & Wales is at breaking point.  Fewer officers with fewer resources are being asked to do a job that is more difficult, more demanding and - frequently - more dangerous than it has been at any previous point in my lifetime. And the responsibility for that reality rests squarely with the government... Continue Reading →

Without a Vision

There’s an old line from the Good Book that’s been on my mind of late. It goes something like this: “Without a vision, the people perish.” It comes from the Old Testament book of Proverbs (known also as ‘The Book of Wisdom’) and it has particular resonance as I scan the current police-related news headlines.... Continue Reading →

Rising Crime

The headlines are telling us that crime is rising. So here are ten brief suggestions from a retired police officer to suggest why that might be so: (1) Falling Police Officer Numbers There is an absolute connection between the number of police officers in England & Wales and the number of crimes committed in England... Continue Reading →


It was the grandest of adventures – my life in blue.  I remember the moment I first knew that I wanted to be a Copper. The PC walking down the other side of Hammersmith Broadway won’t have seen the tentative schoolboy standing at the bus stop. But I saw him. And, from that moment on,... Continue Reading →

Against Hope, Believing in Hope

This is a short tale about two football teams. The first are a group of grown men who carried the hopes of a watching nation. The second are a group of young boys who carried the hopes of a watching world. In Russia, the England men’s football team made it to a World Cup Semi-Final... Continue Reading →

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