Policing Challenges in 2017

So here we are then, at the beginning of 2017. And the multitude of challenges facing the police service in Britain are, it seems to me, greater than at any point since the end of the Second World War. I.    Operational There are the crime challenges: Terrorism Serious Violence - including Homicide, Domestic Abuse... Continue Reading →

A Copper’s Christmas

Allow me if you will to present a retelling of the traditional Christmas story, using detail drawn from a little known historical source - the archives of the Bethlehem Police Department. One document in particular, the BPD Daily Crime Bulletin, offers a fascinating insight into the work of a hitherto unheralded group of women and... Continue Reading →

Misconduct & Mistakes

It occurs to me that, from time to time, police officers make mistakes. It also occurs to me that we live in a world that is increasingly unforgiving of them when they do. There are, of course, any number of reasons why police officers might get it wrong: (1) Because they are human Though my... Continue Reading →

What Coppers Want

On Tuesday 22nd November 2016, a Met police officer was stabbed three times in the stomach. He was one of four London-based officers injured in separate incidents on the same day. One PC had their hand broken, one was attacked with a hypodermic needle and another was punched in the face. They were just doing... Continue Reading →

Meet the Press

I know some brilliant journalists. I’m proud to count some of them as friends. And dealing with the media is an important part of my job - something, believe it or not, that I actually enjoy. As a police officer, I have a professional responsibility to engage, to respond, to explain – and, dare I... Continue Reading →

Two Sides

There are two sides to every story. Every conversation. Every meeting. And there are two sides to every encounter between a police officer and a member of the public. Somewhere out there today, an officer will be dealing with a victim; a suspect; a witness; a protestor; a passer by; a young person being stopped... Continue Reading →

Knife Crime

I’ve written about this before. But it keeps happening. And at what point are we going to accept that current approaches to tackling Knife Crime in England & Wales just aren’t working? How many more young lives is it going to take? In 2007, I stood at the scene of the murder of Kodjo Yenga... Continue Reading →


Soldiering and Coppering are not the same thing – though there are certain common threads that might be drawn from the lives of police officers and military personnel. Beginning with the courage, compassion and simple humanity that characterises the best of them. Soldiers (and sailors and the men and women of the RAF) are heroes –... Continue Reading →

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