Fifty Things

Who doesn’t love a good list?

And since today is my 50th birthday, I thought I’d come up with 50 things I’ve learned along the way.

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

  1. Love is everything
  2. Marrying my best friend was one of my better life decisions
  3. Being a dad is a privilege 
  4. Every contact leaves a trace
  5. Kindness is not weakness 
  6. It is never the critic who counts
  7. The Spitfire is quite possibly the most beautiful object ever made
  8. Religion and faith are not the same thing
  9. Peanut M&Ms are entirely delicious
  10. For more than 25 years, I worked with heroes
  11. The West Wing is the finest TV show ever made
  12. And The Shawshank Redemption is the finest film
  13. Hope is a good thing
  14. Enough talk of ‘arriving’. It’s always been about the journey
  15. Never trust a person who walks without a limp
  16. Kenny Dalglish is the greatest footballer I ever saw play
  17. Anfield on a European night takes your breath away
  18. Doing the wrong thing faster won’t get the right thing done
  19. If all you possess is an armchair and an opinion, it might be better to stay seated and silent
  20. Dogs ought to be available on prescription
  21. Bruce Cockburn writes songs of staggering beauty
  22. ‘I stand here dazzled, with my heart in flames, at this world of wonders’
  23. The Pembrokeshire coastline is a little piece of heaven
  24. Silence is collusion
  25. No man on his deathbed ever said, ‘I wish I’d spent more time in the office’
  26. There are very few main meals that can’t be improved with a handful of cashew nuts and a lump of stilton
  27. Leadership is service
  28. I’m not invincible
  29. There’s a lot to be said for a good romantic comedy
  30. Fear is a bad reason not to do a good thing
  31. I’d like to live in Narnia. Or at least be able to visit from time to time
  32. There’s a reason why we have two ears and only one mouth
  33. Never be slow to say sorry
  34. The Edge’s guitar intro to ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ still gives me all the feels
  35. ‘We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.’
  36. You can’t have rights without also having responsibilities
  37. Bears are magnificent
  38. So are Peregrine Falcons. And Otters. And Blue Whales
  39. The only person you can ever hope to control is yourself
  40. Always tell the truth (that way, you have less to remember)
  41. Desert Island Discs is a lovely listen
  42. Whispers will be heard
  43. Writing is healing
  44. We need to make space in life for mystery 
  45. It would be impossible to do the job of a police officer for any length of time and to remain untouched – unaffected – by the things you see and the things you do
  46. Charlie Mackesy’s paintings stir my soul 
  47. There is beauty in that precious, old-fashioned thing called duty
  48. Friendship is more valuable than ten thousand precious stones
  49. I have been blinded by grace: the rumour that I am loved beyond measure, just as I am
  50. There’s a whole lot more to come





12 thoughts on “Fifty Things

Add yours

  1. Of the ones I have any clue about the only point of difference is number 16 but then I do hale from Manchester (the red half)!
    Of the 17 I’d need to add (I’m 67) I’d include:

    51. History repeats itself, it has too, no one listens.
    52. With Jesus, nothing is wasted.

    I need to take time to work on the next 15 …..

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  2. Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed reading your list and, heading for 69, should consider one of my own. As usual, you have picked on some very salient points that could apply to everyone – especially the first three.

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  3. Best wishes on your half century. The only “milestone” birthday that bothered me was 30. It put me in to a bit of a downer that lasted for… 27 years so far! 👍

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  4. The West Wing, the theme tune is my ring tone, anyone who recognises it goes up a notch in my esteem, nothing has eclipsed it. Nice list. Happy birthday, it’s just a number but welcome to the Saga age.

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